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Brand Management BRAND = TRUST

And trust brings COMMITMENT. Sustainable customer loyalty is one of the most important factor today.

People want to trust. The more accurately your brand communication is managed, the more trust people would have in you. Brands make mistakes too! They may produce a faulty product, give a faulty service, make a faulty delivery, just like people. What matters is how it reacts and communicates to the customers, employees, and suppliers when there’s a mistake. This is one of the most important points of brand communication. In the past, communication in traditional media was a one-sided monologue, today and in the future brand communication is two-sided.

You should prepare, manage and track the whole process for 24 hours a day with this total mindset. At this point, it is vital to work with the right brand management partner.

Brand management is generally considered as one-sided, in other words target audience or customer oriented. However, brand management should be thought 360 degrees. In other words, the more known your company or brand name in the public, the more qualified employees you can find to hire. Highly qualified employees are the biggest driver of the growth of your company and the increase of your profit. Having a wide known brand name is also an important factor for your suppliers. They always offer you very discounts or rebates for adding your brand as their “reference”.

Corporate Communication / Institutionalization Process

First, not every line of business can be 100% institutionalized. The standardization of the production process in labor-intensive industries would move companies backwards instead of forward.

Historically, single man company structure, that can be also called as boss managed organization, stands out in Turkey. All departments, from purchasing to production, sales and marketing to human resources would be lied to one single person. As a result, while the motivation of employees decreasing,  their concerns about the future of the company would increase.

Recruitment or promotions to managerial positions in boss-managed companies would generally be unfair, which drives an environment where employees never have a high motivation to work and contribute.

The institutionalization process starts in the thought. In order to start the process, the company owner should accept the fact that the company needs as institutionalization. Next step would be creating an independent human resources department and having a transparent communication with all departments. MERIT is always essential.

After the human resources department becomes independent, accounting and finance departments must be separated from each other. The biggest problem here is that the owner would not want to give up control of the money flow. Quaretly independent audits would eliminate the concept of “trust”. After creating independent accounting and finance departments, the process continues with the separation of sales and marketing teams. One of the biggest mistakes made by boss-managed companies is to assume that sales and marketing are the same thing. After all departments become independent, next step would be to create 100% transparent communication channels amongst them, supported with regular reportings and improvements.

What we are telling here may seem to be denigrating the owners, however all major brands started their adventure with the idea of a founder. In fact, our customers are the bosses who do not want what we told here to happen to their companies, but who want to earn their  dignity besides making money, who want to set up the system and buy the time instead of trying to decide everything and work day and night, and who want to hand over their companies to future generations.

Franchise Management

– Preparation of the Corporate Identity Guide. All your communication materials in different locations need to be consistent.
– Ensuring communication flow and product standardization within the company.
– Preparing business architectural renderings to ensure visual standardization in each branch
– What will the franchisee get from your company? Know How? Demand? Concept? Profitability? After answering these questions, we will develop the marketing strategy based on the strengths of your business model.
– Transparent reporting of your financial statements to the franchisee.
– Determination of the cities, states, and countries to be franchised. Then, creation of regional population and demand reporting.
– Training schedule of the employees at the franchise locations.

First, we prepare the required synopsis.
Following that, we start writing the scenario that your brand needs for reaching the target audience.
We turn create the script by the synopsis, and turn it into a storyboard to decide on the scenes and videoshootings.
According to our storyboard, we call the external camera crews, have our pre-shooting meetings on the details and start the videoshooting.
Afterwards, we send the script to the voiceover studios where we vocalize it in accordance with the frames taken.
Then we start to combine them all.
Sometimes we compose the background music of the movie, sometimes we buy it.
When we are all done, you will have a commercial that will transfer your brand message with pleasure.

Logo Design
Branding adventure starts with a design…

Corporate Identity Guide
A must have for your logo standardization as a first step for institutionalization of a company.

Website Design
The most important external communication material of your brand. Does it show you in the first place when asked? The first condition is to be easily accessible. People may not come to buy anything from your company by looking at your website, but when they buy or sell a product or service from you, they first open your website and make an assessment of your brand in order to eliminate the questions in their minds. Your brand’s first perception is shaped by the design of your website. According to your needs, we implement Php (coded specifically for your company) or WordPress (Ready Template) web site designs.

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